Managing The Matrix. The Secret To Surviving And Thriving In Your Organization

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A comprehensive guide to excelling in a complex matrix organization Debra was not in a good mood as she entered Johann’s office for their third meeting

Communication can be difficult even when there is an apparently shared language

Dawn Metcalfe, Managing Director of PDS, based in Dubai, uses her experience as a coach and trainer to give us a behind the curtain look at how mentoring can help an individual develop the skills they need to survive and thrive in today s complex work environments.

Debra and Johann work in an environment with multiple and complex reporting lines in other words, a matrix

Debra knew the type went to the same school, belonged to the same club she didn t have a hope against the kind of connections he had so she might as well give up

It seemed doing a good job just wasn t enough around here

One of her colleagues had just been promoted and, although the guy who got it was good, she didn t think he was any better than her

Read how Johann and Debra work together to identify the skills needed to succeed in a matrix, and how using Emotional Intelligence EI can develop specific behaviours you can incorporate in your daily job

The result will help reduce stress and increase your chances of success

There s room to slip between the cracks if a person wants to take advantage of confusion over who is managing performance or if they can t make the necessary transition to self-management

Well, except at one thing, he was always playing politics sucking up to the more senior guys and volunteering to be on any committee going

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